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Bremen Creatives | Meet-Up #01

Die Bremer Medienproduktion FILMFLUT lädt herzlich zum gemeinsamen Netzwerken ein. Bei Drinks, kleinen Häppchen, Musik und vielen Gesprächen möchten wir Kreativen des Standortes Bremen und Umzu die Möglichkeit bieten, zusammenzukommen, um gemeinsam die lokale Kreativwirtschaft und Community zu stärken.
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FILMFLUTs Oscars 2023

Circa zwei Monate nach der Verleihung der 95. Oscars, sind nun die FILMFLUT Oscars an der Reihe. Dafür haben wir intern abgestimmt, um die Lieblingsprojekte unseres Teams auszuwählen. Hieraus ist nicht nur ein Social Media Format entstanden, sondern ebenso dieser Beitrag. Im Anschluss findet ihr die Preisträger der diesjährigen FILMFLUT Oscars. Eventuell ist ja auch euer Film dabei.
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Start des Jahres 2023

In diesem Beitrag fassen wir für euch unseren Start ins Jahr zusammen, mit Fokus auf spannenden Neuerungen.
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Best trainee (BiTo) in the state of Bremen comes from FILMFLUT

On July 15, 2020, the time had finally come. After three instructive years and numerous productions with FILMFLUT, our now former apprentice Silvan Knipper can now call himself media designer image & sound.
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Horizon Magazine awards

Sofakonzert is a Hamburg-based start-up. Musicians and music enthusiasts can find each other via a platform. Via the platform, customers have the opportunity to bring musicians to their sofa at home for a concert, where they can celebrate a special moment with friends. In October 2019, FILMFLUT teamed up with Sofakonzert for a special kind of production.
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FILMFLUT moves and expands studio space

From March 15, 2022 you will find FILMFLUT in the historic Speicher XI in Bremen's Speicherstadt and no longer in Schwachhausen. With their move, the young entrepreneurs are simultaneously realizing one of their visions: A film studio.
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FILMFLUT as media partner of the Kunsthalle Bremen

Digital exhibition presentations, successfully started as a joint project two years ago, continued steadily throughout the repeated corona-related closures for the Kunsthalle as the only means of expression to communicate with its visitors during this time.
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CGI & VFX portfolio expanded

After many discussions with and inquiries from existing and potential customers regarding the application of 3D computer graphics, we are happy to announce that our team has been developing with a lot of courage, perseverance and diligence in the last months. We have also been able to inspire more talent to join us in order to guarantee efficient production pipelines and first-class results.
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Musiclab already in third generation

The digital project "Music Lab - Join the sound," launched by the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen's social initiative Zukunftslabor (Future Lab), which has already won several awards, and supported by dm-drogerie markt GmbH + Co. KG, has long since been named an impulse generator throughout Germany.
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FILMFLUT brings Übersee Museum Bremen exhibition to screens at home

FILMFLUT & culture, that simply fits. After the Kunsthalle Bremen, the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen and the Klimahaus Bremerhaven, the Überseemuseum Bremen also became aware of our commitment within the art & culture scene of Northern Germany.
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