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Wir schätzen den Stellenwert kultureller Institutionen und erkennen ihre Bedeutung an. Deshalb bieten wir vergünstigte Angebote für soziale und kulturelle Institutionen, um ihre Sichtbarkeit zu erhöhen.

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Visualization of excellent museums and galleries

Unique perks

Cultural institutions face the challenge of presenting their works and offerings in a modern and contemporary way in order to reach a broad audience. Films offer the solution here, because they make it possible to present and convey cultural content in a variety of ways. In addition, they can arouse emotions and tell stories to take visitors on a journey and get them excited about the respective topics.

Bremen Art Gallery

After ten years of conception, this exhibition film presents the Kunsthalle's in-house exhibition for the first time. Here, 800 years as well as contemporary art are recombined into a fascinating remix.

LWL Museum

The exhibition film brings photographs closer to the viewers by converting them into moving images and brings past moments to life. Through this new perspective, the old becomes tangible again in a fascinating way.

LWL Museum

The cinematic trailer for the Barbarossa exhibition heightens the excitement and is perfect for the big screen. The art is visualized in a modern way and gives the audience an insight into the exhibition.


An emotional exhibition trailer with indoor drone footage visualizes the exhibition about flags in contemporary art. Through insights into the individual artworks, the audience also learns the story behind the works.


In the short trailer, the positive, as well as negative aspects of the cotton are brought closer to the viewers. Furthermore, insights into the exhibition are given and accompanied by aesthetic music.

Bremen Art Gallery

In this exhibition trailer, only the artworks of Manet & Astruc are shown. The audience is digitally guided through the Kunsthalle, making the exhibits tangible.

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